Latest Artwork: Harmony Steve Higgs

My name's Steve. I'm a contract web developer, Mac & PC specialist, and graphic artist. This site will give you an all around look at who I am, what I do and work I have done. As well, the Ramblings section presents my reviews, opinions and random thoughts as they come to mind on tech topics and other issues that find their way into my day.

On my portfolio page you can find examples of web sites I have designed and/or developed and the gallery section of my site hosts many of the desktop backgrounds and artwork that I have created over the years.

-- Steve

New Section Added: Ramblings
Jan. 18th '14
Over the years I've wanted to write up tech reviews or just express random thoughts about whatever comes to mind. I suspect longer posts like that might be a tad annoying to friends and family on Facebook etc. And content posted there doesn't belong to me once it's posted.

So I created a new section on my site to post said ramblings. If you're interested head over and feel free to comment!
Oct. 12th '13
Well it certainly feels like it's been ages since I've dedicated some time to this site! With my new Systems Admin position, and working to achieve my Apple certifications, oh and of course with my goal of watching every single Star Trek episode ever made, I've not left any time to keep everything up to date! Well that is something to be remedied over the next while. Watch for the coming updates. Cheers!
Keeping Busy
Jun. 13th '12
With contract projects, part-time teaching, and an iPad full of too many apps I seem to have found a way to fill just about every moment of every day.

On the upside I'm doodling again on the iPad which in time might just turn into more artwork for the gallery section!
Jun. 12th '12
So apparently the hash of my LinkedIn password was leaked, not cracked but leaked anyway.

Since I couldn't tell you the last time I actually logged in to LinkedIn, I figured it's time to just kill the account. Just don't need the spam or the security threat.
Hosting Interruptions
Sep. 17th '11
A failure on the part of my previous host has led to email / site downtime.

I'm thankfully back up and running; no data lost! Just need to go through a few files files to setup the databases etc.
DNS Propagation, and More Teaching...
Sep. 5th '11
Well, I'm Awaiting DNS propagation after the big hosting migration of 2011. Some emails arriving on the iPhone, others on the Mac haha.

I'll be teaching again in a couple days and am even more busy than I thought possible. Preparing course content while completing a bunch of projects can get awfully confusing. I hope I never again spend 2 hours trying to sort out why a script doesn't work, only to discover the server I'm working on is NOT the one I thought it was! Long story... Mobile
Dec. 6th '10
Over the last while I've been preparing for mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android OS. I'm looking forward to applying these new techniques to future web projects. Who knows, in enough time I may even find myself writing an iPhone app or two.
Introducing Version 7
Jun. 20th '10
Version 7 of my site is finally online! So...What do you think? I guess I should program a comment system so you can answer that question eh? Haha.

A couple of features are still missing from the older version like the pagination in the gallery, news, and portfolio sections, the Search box for the gallery and the RSS feeds.

The blog should be ready in the next month or two so keep an eye out for that as well.
Version 7 just around the corner including some HTML5/CSS3
Jun. 9th '10
I'm nearing completion of version 7 of and with each day of development I find myself more impressed with HTML5 and CSS3.

The direction the web is taking with these standards is very exciting; easier for programmers, more user friendly, and more capable web applications are on their way.

As I come to understand their benefits and uses, I'll certainly be working to incorporate HTML5 and CSS3 features on and for my clients' sites as well. Here's hoping browsers continue to adopt support for these standards seemingly quicker than any other standards format in the past.
Comment page back online!
Aug. 11th '09
So after almost a solid year of no new comments in the comments section I started wondering, is something not working right?
Turns out an edit I made to my ajax processing file broke the comments system. *rolls eyes* A quick bit of coding and everything is working again. Sorry to anyone out there who was trying to post any comments.

As for the new section of the site, I am writing a "New to the Mac" guide now and will soon have it as well as other tech suggestions available on the site. Also, I'm starting to finally get ideas for a re-design after all these years. It's probably time I guess haha.
Teaching, Tutoring, and lots of Projects
Jul. 8th '09
Very little happening on the site as of late due to my schedule, but ideas are still flowing. I've been thinking about adding a couple of new sections to the site; something along the lines of "Suggestions".

Throughout my life I've used many different tech products of all different kinds, and over the years I've been asked by those who know me "What's the best..." laptop/desktop/router/hard drive etc. Maybe a tips / tricks / and best buys section would help. I keep up-to-date with all the gadgets so I could offer a lot of help to those curious on the subjects.

A few more projects off my plate and I should have the time to make it so. [smile]
Printing images
Feb. 15th '09
Over the last several months I've received many emails about my artwork, many compliments, and many folks wondering about print versions for their home walls. First I want to thank everyone for the complements. I've made sure to thank those who provided their email address, but to those that chose not to, thank you as well.

As for print versions of my work, my response to date has been that if you wish to download and print my work either with your own printer or with a professional print service, I would not have any issue at all (as long as you do not sell or take credit for the work). However, I expect that the resolution of the images themselves is not high enough to have great printouts.

I am looking in to different print services and will update my work where possible to provide this service for everyone. On that note, if anyone reading this knows a great print service or option for those who wish to print and display my work, I would love to hear from you.
Wow... Just Wow...
Dec. 6th '08
So after being contacted by a representative of a royalty free images site, I discovered that someone is attempting to sell my art without my consent.  Quite obviously a breach of the Creative Commons Copyright found on my gallery page. I'll have to look in to the process of sending a cease and desist letter or taking legal action. *sigh* At least I could construe it as some whacked form of a complement [confused]
Many Updates
Nov. 26th '08
There have been many updates to the site in the last week or two. I've spent some time learning about JQuery and have used it several places (News, Comments, Contact, Random Quotes) etc. Sure makes AJAX a lot easier to work with.

I thought the Verification code for the Comments section was not really needed while I was making the updates so I removed the code. To my surprise as soon as the new comments system came online my inbox started filling with spam! My Verification Code feature really does seem to stop them! Good to know it works!
A Few Updates.
Aug. 9th '08
Its been some time since I've made any updates as I've been teaching at the college [smile]. About page still said "Age: 21"! I wrote a small PHP script to calculate my age so I won't have to update it every birthday haha. Small fixes and updates but nothing special. More soon.
Small Updates to the Gallery
Apr. 10th '08
A few changes have been made over the last week:
I've made the search function on the Gallery work much better; now searches through image descriptions as well as titles.
Also, added an option to turn on or off the descriptions.
I've updated the code as well for the top and bottom site navigation making it much more user friendly for screen readers etc.
New RSS Feeds
Apr. 2nd '08
I've finally created RSS feeds for my Gallery, News, and Comments section.
So you can subscribe and receive the latest and greatest as I make new art etc. [smile]

Messing about with Ajax
Mar. 3rd '08
Its been some time since I've changed much on this site... I've been messing about with Ajax lately so you may see some changes soon. Plus I've had some requests for a higher resolution version of one of my art titles... So I'll be making some updates soon [smile]
The days are too short...
Oct. 18th '07
I've been getting so many comments on my artwork lately... Thank you everyone! They're certainly nice to read [smile]

With so many projects on the go I'm finding the days too short! I'm planning on making more art sometime soon... and making a nice new design for the site.
A Few changes...
Mar. 4th '07
As you may have noticed, I have removed the intro page. As well, I will be updating the header images soon; just making a few changes in hopes of updating the look and feel of the site a little. I still love the design and do not plan on completely re-designing the site, but a few fixes here and there should do some good.
Maybe teaching again!
Jan. 18th '07
After working at the help desk for a while I have noticed something... When I leave the desk and visit a staff member to show them how to do something, they are very happy and thankful for my explanations and I enjoy being able to help them... SO I contacted some people involved with part time teaching and now I am on the list.. So hopefully I'll be teaching again soon [smile]

Oh... and I know it's been ages, but I promise, soon when I get my new Mac I'll have the processing power finally to make more artwork, and I will! [smile]
Been Busy....
Oct. 15th '06
Over the past couple months I've been working at the college full time... so that's why so little has changed on here. I'm not used to a full time job! Freelance was so much easier... none of this waking up at 6:15am!

During the little free time that I did have after work I've been messing around with Ubuntu trying to get Beryl (3D OpenGL based desktop)... Needless to say, after a month and a half of getting fed up with ATI's drivers etc... I'm done.. I'm waiting until I get my MacBook before I try again.

[smile] Dual LCD Goodness
Aug. 10th '06
This Canadian tech podcast I watch called CommandN had a contest... Send in your geekiest photo and you could win a new 19" LCD monitor. So of course I sent in my picture (I'll post it here in the next few hours) and what do you know I WON! out of the 100 photos they received they decided mine was the geekiest.. SWEEET! [Big Smile]

So becuase of my new dual display setup.. I'll probably make a couple dual display wallpapers in the next little while.  [smile]
Take that spam bots!
Jul. 29th '06
After getting around 10 emails a day of spam through new posts in the comments section and new emails from the contact form I finally wrote a script that asks the user to fill in a randomly generated verification code... just to verify that they indeed are humans and not automated spam bots! Hopefully that will stop them.
What I've been up to...
Jun. 28th '06
I suppose it's been a while since I've updated things on here; I've just been doing so much lately.

I just finished teaching a course at a local computer training centre! I absolutely loved the chance to help the students. I learned a lot about teaching and they got a better grasp on using computers, ohh and I think I snuck in a few advanced tricks too so they're well prepared [smile].

I've also been trying out some Kung-Fu classes at a local dojo, and I must say I'm really enjoying it. I still prefer Japanese martial arts, but Kung-fu is starting to grow on me, its certainly a workout lol.

I've also been watching a lot of "Six Feet Under" lately. I'm sure I'll soon create some art relating to the profound feeling of the show; quite an eye opener for sure.

New Artwork...
May. 16th '06
I just finished "Harmony" a Japanese inspired scene. Check it out in the gallery. I'm also going to be updating the E-portfolio section soon to incorporate examples of some of the PHP applications I have been developing lately.
Two New wallpapers!
May. 5th '06
I just added two new wallpapers... both the same design; one for Apple lovers, and the other for Fedora Core 5... a new flavor of Linux.
Finally Version 6!
Apr. 3rd '06
Welcome to V6 [Big Smile] !  I've been working on this design for SO long!  Fully standards compliant and working in all main-stream browsers. *Mumbles something about how stupid Internet Explorer is*... Anyhow, Let me know what you think about the new design.. add a comment in the comments section [smile]
Updates soon to come
Jan. 7th '06
It's been a long time since I've done any updates simply because of how busy I have been.

I have a new design almost ready to be put in place, just a few things to work out in the flash navigation.

So check back often for updates! [smile]
New Design coming soon [smile]
Oct. 24th '05
I still can't quite figure out what I want for a new design, but I am working on it [smile].

I've also added my S3D project to the Web Development section of my E-portfolio.
So many plans so little time...
Oct. 16th '05
Since I started my new job I've had very little free time, and even less to work on this site. [sad]

I have some plans for a new design soon, and even a few new sections. Over the next few weeks I'll be working on a new layout so check back often [smile].
Switched Servers
Sep. 14th '05
I just moved the site over to my hosting account on so there may be a few problems while I work out the include paths, and database setting etc. [confused]

I will still be using both my windows and linux PC's as servers for testing different languages such as Coldfusion, ASP, and other technologies. This new server simply allows me to have a 99.9% uptime for my main site.
Done College!
Aug. 18th '05
Well today was my last day of college! [confused] I don't think it's hit me yet. But, now I'm a professional Web Developer... and with those skills I MUST get a job and pay back these loans lol.

Once I get a bit of spending money I'm going to renew and also start hosting on a professional server that can take more of a beating rather than my old Pentium 2 here.

Still working on plans for a Flash enhanced version of this site, as well as thoughts on a new section or two.
Latest updates and coming features
Jul. 25th '05
I have recently re-written the art gallery's PHP script making it more efficient. As well I have added a search field allowing the user to find a specific title.

Over the last few weeks I've been working on a dynamic skin for the site. This feature will be available soon to all users.

Enhancements still to come:

  • dynamic skins/interface color

  • optional flash header

As well, I'm actualy working on some artwork again :-). It would seem that I am re-gaining my artistic urges as I near the end of my college program lol.
More updates and future plans! :-)
Jan. 2nd '05
I've cleaned up the design a lot in the past few weeks as well as decided on the navigation style. A few enhancements still to come:
  • dynamic interface color
  • new art gallery design
  • optional flash header
As well, one of these days I hope to get some time to make some more artwork [smile]
Version 5! and more!
Jun. 14th '05
Ok, it has been a LONG time since I have made any updates to the site, and now you can see why. This is the new Version 5 of There are many parts that still need some work, but for the most part everything is ready. This design is a liquid layout (fits any screen resolution) and is fully CSS based, no tables at all.

As well, each page on my site is fully XHTML 1.0 strict compliant, and will soon have many accessibility features added. I will be updating the blog very shortly with everything that is happening (and there IS a lot!).
I have started the new design [smile]
Apr. 13th '05
The new design is going to be a variable width (fit to any resolution) layout. Blue and grey in color.

Works perfect in Firefox... but one big issue with IE so once i fix that and get the content in it will be finished [smile]
New design Soon
Mar. 17th '05
After learning many new techniques and web standards at school I feel I should create a new design to reflect what I know. I'm thinking either Dark with electronic green interface.. or a brushed metal look, I'm not sure yet.
"I'm in a New York state of mind..."
Mar. 3rd '05
Well, Just got back from New York City [Big Smile]. I wish we could have stayed longer. I'll get a page of pictures up here very shortly.
a few updates
Jan. 22nd '05
I have fixed the error in my guestbook script. I am also trying to figure out a way to solve the png issue for the guestbook/blog buttons in Internet Explorer.

I've had a lot of hits in the last little while. I am listed in google again [smile]

I know it has been a long time since my latest artwork. I will work on a new one soon when I get more free time, very busy with so many things happening lately.
1086 hits!
Jan. 11th '05
I wrote the small text counter last year, January 10th 2004, and this year on Jan 10th It was up to 1086 unique visitors. Not bad for a small personal site [smile].
Quotes now in Database
Jan. 2nd '05
I wrote a new random quote script to pull the quotes from the database. I also created a new interface to add/modify/delete quotes when I login from anywhere.
updated logos and pro page
Dec. 29th '04
I created a better logo for the intro/splash page as well as the top left logo.

Fixed some display issues on the Professional page and added some "Current projects" that i have started to work on over the past few weeks.
A few enhancements
Dec. 4th '04
I've cleaned up the layout a little bit. I also fixed some flaws that were visible in Firefox.

I've also started my new blog page, c'mon and check it out.
Some strange Ideas ~ BLOG? [confused]
Nov. 24th '04
With all that's going on in my life lately I'm starting to wonder if a blog might be a good idea. I don't know if anyone would care to read it, but it sure would be a good vent for me. I'll probably develop one soon.
Server issues
Nov. 21st '04
Over the past few weeks has been up and down as a result of connection problems to both of my servers.

I finally bought my own router so that my server now has a nice stable connection to host on [Big Smile]
New features
Oct. 30th '04

I've spent the entire reading week learning... OK well maybe not the entire week [wink]

I have enhanced the artwork pages by re-writing the script, which now utilizes the MySQL database.

As well, I created a session based login system where I can login and edit a number of sections on my site such as news and artwork, all without writing code or using FTP transfers [Big Smile]

More coming...
Sep. 17th '04
It's been a while since I have done any work on the site as I've been settling in to college life.

I'm going to start working on some new artwork soon. Also, since one of my courses is "Programming in Visual Basic .NET" I will likely get back into programming and have some new downloads for everyone in the near future. [Big Smile]
At College
Sep. 3rd '04
[Big Smile] well I'm at my new home for the next year, and in a few days classes will begin for the "Web Developer" program.

The domain is up and running, just a few extra things I have to figure out (SMTP error, forwarding sub-directories, etc.
Still waiting on Domain transfer
Aug. 26th '04
With just a week until I go off to college, I figure I should re-resister my domain name now before I get too overwhelmed with other things. I began the process of transferring my domain to on Monday night. Still waiting for it to complete.
interface updated
Aug. 15th '04
Just cleaned up the interface a little, and I think I will create a green and red version of the site, allowing users to choose a color scheme.
Server Upgrade
Aug. 15th '04
I just upgraded the server to an AMD 2.4Ghz with 512MB of ram, and 160GB of storage [smile]
Pages updated
Aug. 4th '04
"Photos", "Terix pictures", and "Steve's System Desktops", have each been updated to match the new design. I will be adding new photo's and desktops soon.
Updated "Steve's System" page
Aug. 2nd '04
Hiya every1, I finally got around to updating the "Steve's System" page in the Cool Stuff section. The page now matches the new design.
New Guestbook Script
Jul. 21st '04
The Guestbook is now using the MySQL database [Big Smile], soon I will also port my artwork section over to the database.
Guestbook updates [Big Smile]
Jul. 19th '04
The Guestbook has been enhanced:
  • inappropriate language filters

  • and also, the ability to use smiles [smile]

  • As well, the guestbook will soon be ported over to my new database.
    MySQL INSTALLED [Big Smile]
    Jul. 19th '04
    After spending the weekend reading about MySQL I successfully installed it and created a database, which this "what's New" section now uses.
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